Our journey begins in Thailand, the second largest economy In South-East Asia, with a stable currency, moderate public debt, low inflation and a strong banking system.

The country relies on excellent infrastructure: in addition to a growing highway system that now connects every province, Thailand can count on 11 international airports, modern city-wide mass transit in Bangkok, 6 deep seaports, and 2 international river ports.

In its 2019 Global Destination Index, Mastercard has listed Bangkok as the most visited city in the world with 23 million visitors per year, while Phuket ranks 14th with 10 million. Bangkok and Phuket are also in the top 10 cities for total money spent by tourists, with USD 20bn and USD 12bn respectively.

We believe in Thailand’s demographics, urbanization trends, tourism growth, and government support.

The Thai Government has recognized NOON Capital as a strategic investor and granted us an exemption permitting full foreign ownership on several of our projects.

Our goal is to leverage on these dynamics and satisfy a growing global middle class looking for short and long-term housing solutions, and value for money.

Our pipeline of projects extends beyond Phuket to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Rayong, and other countries of South-East Asia such as Indonesia and the Philippines.